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Social media house rules

Uniwine Vintners maintains an official social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In the interest of everyone’s enjoyment of these channels, we advise you to refrain any offensive comments on all our social media channels. Additionally, we accept you to be polite in all your communications with us. As one of the most celebrated canned wine companies in the world, Uniwine recognizes it plays an important role in promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol. To follow or engage with any of our social media channels, you must be of legal drinking age in your country of residence. If there is no legal age for consuming alcohol in your country, you must be over 21.

Uniwine reserves the right to remove any posts, photos, videos and/or comments for any reason, including but not limited to those outlined in our Rules, that we deem offensive, inappropriate or socially unacceptable.

  • Be Any posts or material that promotes excessive or irresponsible drinking of alcoholic beverages will be removed. Please do not share content from our social media channels with anyone under the legal drinking age of their country of residence.
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Uniwine also expects that you abide by the terms of use of the social media channel you are engaging on.
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